Baby Quilt for Scarlet!

Scarlet Justine was born a couple days ago to one of my cousins. As the oldest of all the cousins, I've got boys heading off to college while my young cousins are still having babies. To keep up with the babies, I like to have a supply of boy and girl quilts ready to go, especially since some new mamas want to be surprised with the sex.

Bonnie Hunter came to my guild recently and taught a class using odd sized strings and strips - but I had just finished her mystery quilt and had few strings left! Isn't that a sad problem? So, I just pulled from the pre-cut 2 1/2" drawer for greens and creams and made up this rail-fence style.

Bonnie's idea was to use the leftover pieced strips and cut the border out of them. I think it worked out great. The strips are all leftovers from projects, or culled from donation tables at get-aways, or won at our guild's monthly ways and means table. There's some oldies in there such as a few calicos and some bug fabrics from when I first started quilting!

 On the back, I put a piece of pink flannel that I inherited from my Mom's stash many years ago.

The outer border has free-form daisies, the inner polka-dot border has free-form leaves and the main body of the quilt is cross-hatched. Look at those two green calicos! Yikes - I'm glad to see them go.


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