Today was garlic harvesting day - the stalks had wilted a couple weeks ago, but it was too hot to dig them up. With cooler weather and no sun, I had a chance to fork up the garlic. Potato plants had grown in the garlic bed from potatoes I missed harvesting the previous year. Moving my plants around every year helps keep the bugs away, but I figured that any potatoes that developed wouldn't amount to much. Surprise!
Just a small part of today's harvest
 Does anyone know how to ensure that all potatoes are harvested? Or how to keep from poking a hole in them with a pitchfork when digging them up? I swore that I got them all last year, and thought a frost would kill any left behind and leave a rotting mess for the worms to enjoy.

Look how big this one is!
Three of these huge ones have damage from being dug up and each one will feed my family of four - mashies for dinner tonight and leftovers for the next few days!

What's in your harvest?

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