Laptop Bag!

School starts in a few weeks and I wanted to make a padded laptop bag to replace my old neoprene bag. The neoprene bag was ok, but had its flaws. It was bright red - not my color, too big- forgot to measure before I bought it, and didn't have straps or a way to attach a strap.

I used the tutorial from Pechy as a guide. Be sure to read all directions first, so you don't have to unsew. LOL. I forgot to leave a hole in the lining and had to do a bit of ripping out. The only modifications I made were adding batting to the main body and attaching the Dresden plate applique over the top.

The lining is a very old Waverly sample from when I worked at a fabric store many years ago. It was BK (before kids) and my oldest is 18.

Isn't this 1930's applique fun? Found it a yard sale BK and have many, many more. I folded under the Dresden plate rounded areas and just top stitched it down. I think it adds a lot. The center circle is more subtle than the color shown in the photo.

I'm happy with my new case!

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