Look what UPS just delivered!

Wow - a large box just arrived from the UPS delivery guy. The Warm Company had contacted me as a representative of my quilt guild to see if they could send samples. I was expecting small pieces of each of their products stapled together - but they sent full-size pieces! - Well, mostly crib size, but these will be awesome to raffle off as door prizes at our next meeting after everyone fondles the different battings and other supplies.

Look at all these goodies!

I've never tried this - just use my potatoes on a plate covered with a wet paper towel. Maybe this works better?

With this you can line your grocery store bags or lunch bags.

This one is just the metallic shine with a batting. A suggested use is covering a headboard for the shiny look. 
Never tried these either - but could see many uses.
Thanks, Warm Company! Our guild appreciates your donations.

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