Pat Sloan wall hanging

Many years ago, my quilting guild sponsored Pat Sloan to teach at my LQS. My LQS has changed locations twice since then, so you know it's been taking me a while to finish this. LOL! The pattern is dated 2006, so it's not too bad, timewise. Here's her original. Pat had us make the entire background first and then applique over the large background. Since I'm not much of an applique girl, it took me a while. And then, since I'm not much of a hand-quilter, it took even longer!

I love some of these fabrics - who can go wrong with gingham and I love how the striped binding came out.
The blue William Morris print is one of my favorites and makes an interesting cone-flower.
There are bees! I have a small bathroom done in bees, but that's another blog post for the future.

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