Twisted Tradition - Block 7

Are you staying warm? In my neck of the woods in Rhode Island, we received quite a bit of snow last night, and while the snow was light, fluffy and easy to shovel, we are expecting temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Brr... We're not used to these temps around here. Tomorrow, I'll be skiing in an area where it will be -13 at 5 am.  I guess you have to be a bit crazy to enjoy strapping on boards when it's that cold!

I've been trying to finish things up, and my Australian Block-of-the-Month designed by Sue Ross from Material Obsession is on the list. This block was all hand-pieced with much fussy cutting of the red plaid and triangles inside the inner circle. I continue to be delighted with the provided fabric and feel like I'm stretching my own thinking with these choices. The final circle was appliqued onto the teapot background this morning, and another block is almost done and will soon be revealed. Only one block left and then I can work on strip-pieced sashing for the block corners. 

My guild had us make a list of outstanding projects to finish up this year, (this project is not on the list) so I've bunches of tops, blocks and a few small projects to try to complete. Number 7 was drawn for January, so that will be to complete a top using some leaf blocks that I won years ago. 

Stay warm tonight!

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