Spool Saving Challenge

Over at Selvage Blog, we were challenged to save our empty thread spools for the year. I took the challenge and just threw the empties in a basket.

Here are the results: 10 plastic spools which are mostly Coats and Clarks - isn't is gross how they change color to that yellowish beige- 13 wooden spools which will join their friends in glass jars, and one cardboard spool which is now in the compost pile.

Check out Pinterest for some ideas on what to make with your old spools. I like this large shelving unit.

The one below from Junk Market Style is quite useful and I loved the shipped paint. In a sewing room I could see the front edges of the shelves made with old yardsticks.
This creation is one  which is helpful to keep unmarked circular knitting needles organized.
From the Crafty Sisters comes a very cool towel holder.

And another shelf, this one from La maison du Petit Chaperon Rouge

And a similar style in an all-white kitchen

Check out Pinterest for more ideas for your old spools - from drawer handles to doll beds to advent calendars.

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