Tablecloth of many colors

Finished! This tablecloth was started, I'm ashamed to admit, 11 years ago in a class taught by Chris Bagley. I brought the top home from a get-away, and left in the bag for so long. It only needed a backing and binding! This year, my guild is challenging its members to finish long-ago projects. Since I've already started with 2 recent finishes, I'm looking forward to moving some more items out of their bags.

Recognize any of the Waverly prints? We had to bring home-dec pieces. To make the block (shown above), you placed nine different squares on top of each other, then sliced, shuffled, sliced, shuffled, repeat as necessary and piece. Finally, you just trim the blocks.

My completion (such a hard task) involved buying a wide muslin for the backing, tying with crochet cotton, and then machine sewing the binding on. With this much action, who would notice a crooked binding? The home dec fabrics have a teflon coating, which will help repel spills.

Can you see someone peeking out behind the curtain on the left?

It's Lucky, who is loving the radiator covers during the cold weather. I wish I could curl up with her.
Have a great day!

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  1. Lovely! I'm with Lucky... I'd like to sit on the radiator too.


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