Finished- mini quilt

Have you ever made one of those jelly roll 1600 quilts ? They are the ones where you take a package of 40 2 1/2" strips and sew them together to make a really long strip and then sew that strip together, snip it, and sew it together again several more times until you end up with a quilt. I know - a very bad explanation, but this technique makes a very fast quilt. The 1600 is because there are 40 strips that are about 40 inches long. Google 1600 quilt if you want to see videos of people making these tops.

For a wedding gift, I had sewn the batik strips together on the diagonal, leaving the opportunity for some leftover tiny half square triangle bits. These I pieced together, making the center of my tiny quilt and thought of using them as a pretty potholder. My very wise quilting friends told me I was crazy, so the center just sat around. Since I'm on a finish it bent, I decided to make a mini-quilt. 

I didn't even baste, just pinned the quilt together with batting and tried matchstick quilting, somewhat following the path of the squares on this batik.

It finishes at 9 inches square and I call it Summer Rain.
There are small triangles in the back so a shortened chopstick can be used as a hanger. 

Now, I'm digging deeply into the quilt cave to find more beginnings to finish!

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  1. Love your tiny mini (not a potholder)! Looking forward to seeing what gets finished next.


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