Quilt for Gary

Not the greatest picture, but I wanted to record a gift being delivered on Saturday night. My school's 8th and 9th grade history teacher is retiring and I helped our art teacher create this quilt for a gift. She had the current 9th graders make a block depicting a sight from Washington D.C. after their trip with Gary last year as 8th graders. None of the kids were sewers, but using Heat-n-bond and running stitches they did a super job. Maria, the art teacher doesn't sew either, so she ironed, trimmed blocks and tied the quilt. 

This is the Indian print backing because Gary loves all things Native American. It's cheap poly batting and tied, so pretty bulky. Washing is not recommended, due to the nature of the applique!

Uncommon valor was a common virtue - The WW II Memorial.

I think this is the Lincoln Memorial??

The National Aquarium

Love this one.

Our school logo. All in honor of Gary Williams.

And Flann, checking out the quilt! 


  1. What a great gift! The uncommon valor quote is on the Marine Corps War Memorial(Iwo Jima)in Arlington. The next block looks like the WWII memorial.

  2. Thanks for the update. I wasn't sure which was which.


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