Easy Street - Part IV

It's been a quiet day here at my house in Rhode Island. My husband and youngest DS are off skiing and I stayed home to work on some projects and finish decorating for Christmas. We had such sad news yesterday about the shooting of 20 first graders and their teachers that I just needed time to quietly sew while listening to public radio. It's inconceivable that someone could kill that many innocents like that. Thursday night I attended a choral presentation by our lower school chorus where 2nd through 5th graders sang holiday music. They are beautiful children, full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement. I keep picturing those happy children while thinking of those who will never have the same chance to sing for their parents. With sadness, but relieved to have something to do, I finished part IV of Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter's mystery.

Thank you Bonnie, for helping to calm my mind.

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  1. I think the whole world is shocked and horrified, and mourning with those poor parents too.

    F x


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