Make your own "Swiffer" pads

I bought a Swiffer sweeper many years ago and didn't use it much because the replacement pads were so expensive. You can easily use one pad in each room and I doubled my usage by flipping each one over. A few years ago, I tried using dryer sheets that had already been used in the dryer a few times. (Yes, I'm frugal - using dryer sheets more than once, plus I only use my dryer in the winter. I tried hanging wet items in my basement, but they ended up smelling bad.)

When DS 2 broke his leg in February, he asked that I make him "toe socks" to cover the tip of his cast where his toes stuck out. Since it was quite cold and there was snow on the ground, we had to make sure he was warm. I found some leftover fleece and whipped up a couple short tubes that he could tug on his cast. (Make that, I tugged on over his cast, because his knee was immobile). After the cast came off, I cut off the seams of the toe socks and tried them on the Swiffer. The fleece worked much better than dryer sheets, but didn't come out great in the wash with my other rags. I needed more fleece pads to have enough to make their own wash load.

So to make your own - you need fleece. You could use new fleece, or cut up an old fleece jacket or blanket that's hanging around. Isn't this an ugly piece of fabric? It looks like purple islands floating in a sea of algae and has been in my attic since before kids. I was in a fleece jacket-making mode back then.

Measure your Swiffer or measure a Swiffer pad.  9 inches by 12 inches works for my Swiffer.

Cut away! I tried using my rotary cutter through 4 layers, but it didn't work. I just used my kitchen scissors. You can estimate your meausurements and don't worry if you cut a crooked line. The housekeeping police don't care! If you cut a piece too small to fit on your Swiffer, use it for dusting your dresser.

Place your Swiffer unit on top of the fleece.

Press the fleece into the grabbers.

Start cleaning. These are my front stairs which were vacuumed last week.

This is what came off my stairs. Yuck! With one cat and a dog who is not allowed upstairs, it's amazing how much fur is on there.

Now, just flip the fleece over and you can keep going. When the fleece is yucky enough, toss it in the laundry. I try the peel off the biggest dust bunnies first before washing.

I only use this technique for dry-mopping. There are Swiffer pads for wet-mopping, which I wouldn't recommend because of all the chemicals. If you have an idea for wet-mopping, let me know.


  1. My wife uses distilled white vinegar with orange peels soaked for 2 weeks (take a jar and fill half way with vinegar, then put in orange peelings from 1-2 oranges, soak for 2 weeks).. to clean around the house..
    The vinegar is the cleaner and the orange masks the smell.. works great.. You might could dip your "Swiffer pad" in that and wring it out..

  2. Better late than never! I was reading your latest blog post and this came up as a post I may like. I use my husband's old sport socks (the kind with the "terry-cloth" insides) for wet mopping with my Swiffer. I turn them inside out for more "scrubbiness" and stretch them over the Swiffer head. They don't lay flat, but they work great, better than the real thing. I guess you could cut them open to fit better, but I'm lazy.


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